Our Partners



CINE Golden Eagle recipient ’99, Walter Josten, and Luillo Ruiz of Pimienta Films have assembled an extended motion picture family via six major feature films on the island including: REPLICAS starring Keanu Reeves; IMPRISONED with Laurence Fishburne, Juan Pablo Raba, Juana Acosta, Edward James Olmos; CIGARETTE headlined by John Travolta; ANA featuring Andy Garcia, Dafne Keen, and Jeanne Tripplehorn; DRIVEN currently filming with Jason Sudeikis, Lee Pace, Corey Stoll, and Judy Greer; and PRIMAL with Nicolas Cage, committed to commencing production in October 2017. Puerto Rico has prosperously served the entertainment industry for decades and deserves Hollywood’s generous support.  Now is the time to assist in this massive humanitarian crisis to help the Puerto Rico film community rise like a phoenix into an even more successful motion picture infrastructure than before.”
Monica Lee Bellais, CINE Board Member.

Our thanks to everyone organizing in the relief efforts, including Luillo Ruiz and Belly Torres, Walter, Patricia and Patrick Josten, Luis Riefkohl, Brandon Powers, Jimmy Dodson, Rene Besson, Rosi Acosta, Amy Saxon, Kip Konwiser (CINE Gold Eagle recipient ’98 – ’01), Christopher Miller, Alastair Burlingham, Oscar Generale, Piers Tempest, Nick Hamm, John Luessenhopp, Paul Kampf, Holly Levow and Tom Sperry. 

Thank you for your donation and compassion!